Building Resilience Through Gratitude, Shweta’s story

Coach Saloni

For the first time in her life, Shweta faced self-doubt. What if this was a huge mistake? What if this was never meant to be?

In Jan 2020, Shweta Srivastava  took the entrepreneurial plunge and set up StartWright, a Management Consulting firm, to enable brands and businesses to start right. With two decades of foundational experience in Insights, Innovation & Marketing, she believed this was a natural progression. She also started angel investing to have a greater understanding of the business landscape in SEA. 

She won her first consulting assignment in February, paving the way for an extremely encouraging start to her venture.

However, 2020 was no ordinary year! As the pandemic ravaged people and businesses across the world, she was impacted too. As she struggled to grow her business in the second half of 2020, a bigger tragedy was unfolding. 

She faced the sudden demise of an ex-colleague who had been a valuable mentor since her Cadbury days. To make matters worse, her parents battled Covid and barely a few weeks after their recovery, her dad met with a serious accident.

Luckily, her dad was rescued by a passerby who happened to be a doctor and provided immediate medical attention. It was miracle that saved her dad. This incident made her REALIZE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A TRAGEDY AND A SETBACK. At a time where millions had lost their lives and livelihood, her situation was only a minor setback and not the end of the world.

She began writing ‘notes to self’ and being grateful for the little things that made her life worth living. 

PRACTICING GRATITUDE REGULARLY MADE HER UNDERSTAND IT IN A BRAND NEW WAY. Expressing an appreciation for what she had, made a chiropractic adjustment to the way she looked at everything in life. No matter how big the setback, unlike tragedy, it is reversible. And hence, she felt grateful for the opportunity to build it again – be it her career or life.

What started as ‘notes to self’, was the genesis of ‘Grateful World’, Shweta’s personal blog that spreads a message of resilience through the power of gratitude. In just a few months, Grateful World is a growing community of 10,000+ followers on Facebook and Instagram. Shweta is now creating an impact that goes way beyond the realms of her usual work. 

BEING GRATEFUL IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY HAS HELPED HER DISCOVER POSSIBILITIES LIKE NEVER BEFORE. Today, her business at StartWright Consulting has many pivots and she is raring to go. 

✨ What has been your experience with the Power of Gratitude? ?