Choose Hope, By Paolo Marinovich

Coach Saloni

Choose HOPE By Paolo Marinovich

#Hope helps us visualize and conceptualize a future that is better than our present state. It motivates us to cross the boundaries of our current existence, to evolve towards a new state where we can live a more meaningful life, thus BEING more.

A goal that we have not reached yet, requires physical, mental and emotional energy and commitment, as there is always doubt or fear in challenging our own limitations.

Precisely then, hope can awaken and fire our desire to work persistently towards our #goal. Hope is what pushes us to accept the risk of the unknown, mobilizing resources that even we are surprised to discover we have.

In the words of Italian psychologist Consuelo Casula, “If fear makes you bend and look down, hope straightens your back and gives wings to your imagination. If fear magnifies the negative details; hope illuminates the positive scenario. If fear makes you run away; hope makes you fight.”


Let’s choose to overcome fear with courage; let’s take the risk to explore wider horizons. Whenever we do so, it works for us individually as well as for all of us, since the human race is one and one is the planet we live on. ?

✨ Which one goal are you willing to fight for with hope and courage?