Hope Sustains Life, By Neha Pant Tewari

Coach Saloni

I had been bedridden for 3 months. As I lay there helpless, overcome with fear & uncertainty, I heard a voice within. It whispered softly, “Don’t give up. Patience will see you through. You’ll become stronger, slowly but surely.”

This was 4 years back. Just like that voice, my belief was frail and would wither away every now and then. My mother would breathe life into it again. When I had nothing to look forward to, my mother’s presence sparked a Ray of Hope. She instilled a faith in me that things will get better – just like they had in the past. 

The next couple of years turned into a journey of building my mental & physical strength with the support of medical science, family, yoga and breath work. I started reading and researching extensively, establishing daily rituals & habits for wellness. This is when I realized the power of mindset and that it’s possible to change our thoughts. 


I emerged from my moments of darkness to find hope and meaning. Today I am a happiness coach and help others to author their own success stories. I BELIEVE HAPPINESS LEADS TO SUCCESS, NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND. And success without fulfillment is a failure.

Sharing a few things that help us build the muscle of hope:

⚜️ Family / Community: Inner strength is cultivated by supportive reciprocal relationships. It helps us believe that we can deal with whatever life throws at us ✅

⚜️ Spirituality: Connecting with something bigger than ourselves, strengthens our belief that we are being watched over. We are protected. Faith fosters hope ✅

⚜️ Laughter: Surrounding ourselves with lighthearted souls who can make us laugh, nurtures a sense of humor, which helps counter the overwhelm. Laughter indeed is the best medicine ✅

⚜️ Service/ Kindness: Social service/ acts of kindness create longer spells of happiness and refurbish our faith in humanity. Want to be happy? Give happiness. The formula is fairly simple. Hope helps Happiness flourish, and vice versa ✅

⚜️ Meaningfulness: Being able to provide meaning to everyday activities helps us maintain high levels of engagement, remain focused in the present and avoid mind wandering. Create a big picture view of clearly articulated purpose and see how every day actions align with it ✅

Engagement at work, quality of relationships and making a positive impact is what drives happiness. Hope comes from the ability to create positive thoughts and overcome learned helplessness. 

? Live in the present while cultivating a positive vision for future, to bring hope and happiness into your life.