Discovering Vulnerability, Niti’s story

Coach Saloni

“Are you OK?” A simple question by a colleague unleashed a floodgate of emotion and an avalanche of words poured out her inner turmoil.

Niti was NOT OK and hadn’t been for some time. Growing up, she thought that strength lay in hiding one’s emotions from the world; that displaying one’s emotions meant showing weakness.

So, when she suffered two early pregnancy losses after the birth of her first child, she kept her tears at bay in front of others, escaping to the bathroom when the grief threatened to overwhelm. Despite feeling like a walking zombie, she thought that by soldiering on, the emotional turmoil would eventually pass.

That day when someone stopped a meeting to enquire about her well-being, Niti was stunned at her own outburst. What followed was A REALIZATION THAT SHARING BRINGS HEALING – THAT VULNERABILITY IS A STRENGTH.

In that moment, Niti knew that she wanted to share her story more widely and help others feel less alone. The only questions were how and whether she had the courage to talk about something so personal with others. 

“What would people think? Would they care? Could I share something so personal?” Pushing through her trepidation, Niti realized that her stories can help others feel seen and heard in their grief; that her thoughts DO matter and that her voice CAN make a difference. 

Today, Niti Nadarajah openly shares her personal experiences and learnings in the hope of driving a much-needed conversation on mental health issues, walking the walk on DEI and the need for greater authenticity and vulnerability, both within her own profession of law and within the broader community. It is most gratifying for her when people say that she made them feel heard and seen.

Building on her desire to help those dealing with the trauma of early pregnancy loss, Niti has become a peer support companion with The Pink Elephants Support Network, to assist other women going through these distressing experiences. 

Niti says, “What I once thought was a weakness has now become my biggest strength. My ability to be vulnerable and hold space for others is the fuel that drives me forward with purpose and passion.”  

➡️ Do you trust that your thoughts matter❓