The Gift Of Adversity, By Coach Saloni

Coach Saloni

July 2020. I lay in bed immobilized with pain & fear. Anxiety about the family’s safety & future had aggravated my chronic health condition.
Our Green Card was denied. We had to leave a well-established life in the USA & shift our family to Italy in the middle of a pandemic.
Relocating wasn’t new for me. Moving across 11 cities, 4 countries & 3 continents had taught me to thrive in disruption & uncertainty. Yet this time, I felt totally unprepared to deal with the precariousness that lay ahead.
That morning I read a quote by Dalai Lama, “Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck”. The words struck me – it reminded me of all the times I had witnessed this to be true!
Could this adversity be a blessing in disguise? I started building on this thought in my mindfulness practice & discussing it with my inner circle.
I realized that circumstances do not have power, I was assigning meaning to them & I could CHOOSE my response. I shifted my focus – from what was beyond my control & feeling like a victim to reclaiming my power & exploring opportunities hidden in this change. Self-care, attention to diet & exercise helped me sustain this transformation.
As a family, we aligned on the kind of life we wanted to create for ourselves in Italy. This became our guiding star for decisions & actions regarding school, areas to live etc.
I had my answer too. This was the push I needed to take a leap of faith – leave a comfortable corporate career to answer my true calling of becoming an executive coach.
1 year into the relocation, we are settling down well in our new lives. There have been ups & downs that have helped us sharpen our pivotal survival skills of agility & resilience.
I have embarked on my entrepreneurial journey. As an executive coach, this experience has made me wiser, braver & more empathetic. It has enhanced my understanding of grief, loss & the harsh realities of life. I can relate at a deeper level with leaders facing disruption & help them own their power in any situation. It has reaffirmed my belief in holistic coaching – enabling my clients to manage stress & enhance wellbeing, along with performance & impact.
Sharing my life lessons :
☯️ Have a vision for your life. Ask yourself one simple question: “What kind of a life do I want to create for myself?”
☯️ Focus on what you CAN control. Explore options & take small consistent steps towards realizing your vision.
☯️ Invest in developing your most important resource: self-awareness. Understand your strengths, values, drivers & derailers.
☯️ Be authentic – own your story. Your culture, personality & experiences make you unique. Accept yourself & show up as your whole self.
☯️ Make your wellbeing & self-care a priority. Transformation begins within!
➸How have you navigated disruption❓