Unleash Your SuperPower, Aarti Narang’s Story

Coach Saloni

It was the summer of 2015, with no work, no money to pay EMIs, and no clue of what lay ahead, Aarti Narang was almost on the verge of losing herself.

At the age of 17, she had given up her dream of studying commercial arts and plunged into multi-level marketing; waded through the waters of corporate life and stepped into the world of training and development. 

In 2014, losing her job at a time when her father too had lost his, the insecurity of the job market hit her hard. She decided to write her own destiny; and took the leap of faith to join the entrepreneurial bandwagon with her leadership consultancy, promoting international learning programs to Corporate India. 

Within a year, Aarti succeeded in getting some of the best brands in India as her clientele, but a certain turn of events took her wrecking down to where she had nothing again. There she was – lost, confused, shattered, once more.

She didn’t know how to gather herself up or to fight her inner demons. Her mental health was in shambles, almost touching the initial stage of depression.

Amid hopelessness, she still BELIEVED in a HIGHER POWER and the adage ‘THE BEST IS YET TO COME’.

Hope appeared when she was asked to support a friend in designing her website. It was like a key to a locked door. As she turned the knob, a whole new world of possibilities lay open before her.  AARTI’S LOVE FOR COLORS, DESIGNS AND STORIES, THAT SHE HAD LEFT IN A SEALED CORNER OF HER CHILDHOOD, CAME ALIVE. 

And so began her journey of creating distinctive & authentic brands with ‘Brand My Style’. 

She worked with passion and dived into details, studied personal branding and applied ideas intuitively. Today, Aarti is an established Brand Influence Strategist & Keynote Speaker. She helps a global clientele in upgrading their brand projection by 50X. 

In her words “Personal branding is the happy passage of capturing the essence of an individual”. Aarti applies her online reputation management strategies with the right blend of brand identity, content, aesthetics, UX web design, social media and much more.

For Aarti, her work is her daily source of inspiration.
? What’s yours?