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About me

I am a certified International Executive Coach, enabling leaders to Lead with Clarity in an environment of permanent uncertainty. As a former HR leader with 15+ years of experience in North America, Europe, and Asia, I support leaders to manage constant change and experience breakthroughs through coaching, talent consulting, and facilitation.

Enabling Leaders To

Lead with Clarity

Enabling Leaders To

Lead with Clarity

Why Partner With Me

Why Partner With Me

Global Citizen

Agile & Resilient

Holistic Approach

Credible Leader

Global Citizen

Has Lived across 11 cities, 4 countries & 3 continents and worked in top multinationals. Naturally connects with leaders from diverse cultures and build an inclusive environment.

Agile & Resistant

A creative and courageous coach, who adapted to diverse cultures, learned new languages and broke stereotypes to create her identity. Inspires others to thrive in uncertainty.

Holistic Approach

Adopts an integrated approach combining leadership development experience, coaching expertise and scientifically validated assessments.

Credible Leader

Collaborating with business partners and trusted by senior executives, I have led high-profile projects for leadership development, cultural change, and talent management.


Executive Coaching Packages

Level 1


Gain insights into your leadership strengths, blind-spots and values

Level 2


 Accelerate your development with a personalised plan and resources

Level 3


 Maximize your leadership impact and credibility with key stakeholders

Solutions for Corporates


Solutions for leaders and their teams to accelerate growth and maximize impact

Executive Assessments

Data-driven approach to talent decision making for selection and development


Initiatives to attract, retain, and accelerate development of high potential leaders 

Training Design and Facilitation

Customized learning solutions designed, and delivered through engaging facilitation
The Journey is as Important as the Destination.

“Success is meaningful when achieved living by your values."


Navigate your Stress Response for Effective Leadership

Stress-induced behaviors can get in the way of achieving results, maintaining relationships, and building the desired reputation. Discover a powerful framework to be in control of your behaviour under stress.

What’s Inside

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