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Leading in times of permanent uncertainty requires a new approach to creating a vision, inspiring your teams, achieving results, and above all, maintaining a sense of balance in your own life. 

As a certified executive coach, I am passionate about enabling leaders to lead with clarity by harnessing the power of self-awareness and motivation. My solutions will help you to understand your strengths and values, define purpose-driven goals and maximize your impact.

My clients work with me to:

My Approach

Data-Based Leadership Needs Assessment & High Impact Results

Multi-Cultural Expertise & HR Experience across Countries

Personalized & Flexible Solutions for Greater Effectiveness

Focus on Managing Stress & Holistic Well-Being for Sustainable Success

Saloni was such a pleasure to work with as a coach. She helped me develop priorities, goals, and a strategic plan to accomplish them. Her caring personality made me feel welcomed and appreciated. Working with Saloni was relaxing and overall an amazing experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to grow in their career and achieve their goals. 

Karli Johnson, M.S.Ed

Speaker and Educator, Owner & Founder – Stories Speak Education

Executive Coaching Packages

Level 1


Gain insights into your leadership strengths, blind-spots, and values

Level 2


Accelerate your development with a personalized plan and resources

Level 3


Maximize your leadership impact and credibility with key stakeholders


Enhance your self-awareness with a leadership personality assessment and insights to enhance your effectiveness.

What you can expect:


Understand your leadership personality traits, clarify your goals, and create a personalized plan to accelerate your career growth.

What you can expect:


Maximize your leadership impact supported by a personality assessment, a 360-degree feedback survey, and a customized toolkit structured for your needs.

What you can expect:

Navigate your Stress Response for Effective Leadership

Stress-induced behaviors can get in the way of achieving results, maintaining relationships, and building the desired reputation. Discover a powerful framework to be in control of your behaviour under stress.

What’s Inside

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