Saloni is truly an advanced coach

I was most impressed with how Saloni led my Hogan leadership assessment debrief sessions. She was able to expertly guide the discussion, identify trends and patterns, and inspire me to look at the data and the themes with fresh and curious eyes, without any pre-judgment or bias. Saloni is truly an advanced coach, and I would recommend her to any organization or leader looking to advance their professional and personal development.

Jo Zinman

Director, Human Resources, Grainger

Has a way of keeping her composure during high stakes and high stress situations

Saloni is one of the most talented people I have worked with. We partnered on several projects, where she provided technical expertise and managed stakeholders (both challenging and easy to work with). Saloni has a way of keeping her composure during high stakes and high stress situations. Her work is always up to the highest standards, and she makes everyone around her better by providing the right feedback and coaching to upskill the team. She is a consummate professional, acts with high ethics and considers multiple perspectives to ensure the best possible solution. Saloni is adaptable, as evidenced by her successfully working across multiple functions, management levels, and has done so with excellence. I highly recommend Saloni for any project you want to succeed.  

Hanna Miri

Learning and Development Lead, KeepTruckin

Promotes awareness and continued growth, with warmth

Saloni is knowledgeable and effective in her role as a Leadership Coach. She fosters self-reflection using data-driven tools, within a supportive environment that promotes awareness and continued growth. It was clear to me from the start that Saloni has the depth of experience, coupled with a warm demeanor that would help me explore both my strengths and weaknesses as a leader. This ongoing and lifelong process is valuable for every leader and one that I am grateful to have embarked on with Saloni. I look forward to continuing to grow with her guidance and expertise.

Denise Buren

Elementary Principal, American School of Milan

Positive and optimistic, excellent in motivating groups

I have been collaborating with Saloni since 2011, as she was available to volunteer and provide pro-bono consultancy for our organization in the not-for-profit sector. Since then, she has been really valuable to our organization, in different capacities. Her approach has always been positive and optimistic. She’s excellent in motivating groups and bringing diverse points of view to overcome difficulties. She is a great listener, is open minded, and, of course, very organized, and is able to deliver results under strict deadlines.

Stefano Oltolini

Strategic Partnership, Soleterre Foundation

Delivers breakthrough moments in a gentle way

Saloni is full of insights and positivity, both of which impacted me and my team each day. She graciously shares her knowledge and experiences with others and is always updated on the most important topics related to self-awareness and discovery. Deeply intuitive, she is able to deliver “breakthrough moments” in a gentle way. Her approach is professional yet light-hearted, she connects with others to build rapport, trust, and candor. Her insights and coaching can help any leader who has an open mind and heart.

Shauna B. Schoeder

Director, Talent Management, Grainger

Helped me develop priorities, goals, and a strategic plan

Saloni was such a pleasure to work with as a coach. She helped me develop priorities, goals, and a strategic plan to accomplish them. Her caring personality made me feel welcomed and appreciated. Working with Saloni was relaxing and overall an amazing experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to grow in their career and achieve their goals. 

Karli Johnson, M.S.Ed

Speaker and Educator, Owner & Founder – Stories Speak Education

Establishing trust comes naturally to Saloni

Saloni is a true listener, she listens for what is not being said. After she understands the needs of a client, she thoughtfully creates and presents a solution. Saloni truly understands how to leverage tools, such as the Hogan, to help leaders gain insight to their leadership style, behaviours, and the impact they are having on others. Establishing a foundation of trust comes naturally for Saloni, people are comfortable speaking and sharing with her. In addition, she provides candid feedback in a thoughtful and kind manner.

Janice Aull

Performance Improvement Facilitator, Principal – Aull About You Consulting