Feeling amiss in spite of achieving your goals? Your inner child could have the answer

Coach Saloni

A love for animals & nature are my most defining childhood memories. Luckily, the first 5 years of my life were spent on a farm in an idyllic little mountain town – in the company of goats & cows. The day we got our pet dog, Ponchoo, was one of the happiest days of my life. She remained my best friend & confidant for 10 years.

Recently, after years of deliberation, we got an adorable Corgi pup. I am a proud dog owner again – after almost 30 years. Yes, it’s a lot of work & adds to our over-flowing plates & schedules, but it is fulfilling in way that is hard to describe. It’s good for my soul – makes my life complete, and more meaningful. It has brought back moments of childlike joy & wonder.

Why am I sharing this here? Connecting with our inner child can bring answers we are seeking. Think back to your childhood – the time when you had not been conditioned by dos-and-don’ts, & constructs of “achievable” goals. What were your passions? What made your heart sing? What did you love doing for endless hours? What dreams did you hold most dear? Connect with your inner child, you might discover the missing piece.