Learn the top five stress management lessons from the ancient science of Ayurveda

Coach Saloni

I started this year by spending 7 days at an Ayurveda resort in South India. People have asked me about my biggest takeaways from the experience. Quite unexpectedly, it has been their philosophy around stress management. As a leadership coach, I have seen behaviors that limit an executive’s success, hamper their relationships and/or dampen their reputation come out during times of stress. Stress management has a big impact not just on personal well-being but also on leadership effectiveness. Sharing my top learnings:

  • Stress is generated not by working on something but by over-thinking about it. Focus on what you are required to do, without worrying about the consequences or “what might go wrong”
  • A daily mindfulness practice helps develop positive thinking. 5 minutes before going to bed and after waking up is all you need
  • Forgiveness and gratitude are the biggest stress busters. Include them in your daily mindfulness practice
  • Make a list of what you accomplished in the day and how. Reflect on anything you would like to do differently the next day
  • Carry out small acts of kindness – compliment, lend a helping hand, smile or just brighten your surroundings with a positive attitude